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Mrs. Rita Smith
Epic Eagles
Fresno, CA
April 4-7,  2009
Mr. Dave Smith

Theme - "A Boot Scootin' Time in 2009"
79th Session
(some girls may be listed twice because of combined offices)

Grand Worthy Advisor Rhea Midkiff Marysville
Grand Worthy Associate Advisor Nicole Phillips Fidelity
Grand Charity Jennifer Burke San Francisco
Grand Hope Emily Myers Santa Maria
Grand Faith Cinnamon Roy Golden Arch
Grand Recorder Maria Washington Unity
Grand Treasurer Cortney Groth Livermore
Grand Chaplain Amanda Smith Almond Grove
Grand Drill Leader Kirstie Belt Stockton
Grand Honorary Drill Leader Emily Stockman Cloud 7
Grand Love Tiffany Trimarchi San Fernando
Grand Religion Laura Karoly Woodland
Grand Nature Kristina Choi San Fernando
Grand Immortality Ala Navratil New Hope
Grand Fidelity Stephanie Dell Livermore
Grand Patriotism Sarah Nilsen Redwood City
Grand Service Kimberly Hollon Fullerton/Yorba Linda
Grand Confidential Observer Michelle Roland Lemon Grove
Grand Outer Observer Monica Trickett Chula Vista
Grand Musician Robyn Stiles Woodland
Grand Choir Director Lauren Pinnella Concord
. . .
Grand Executive Committee . .
GEC and Color Bearer Ashley Culbert Quincy
GEC and California Flag Bearer Jessica Ingersoll-Dean Redwood City
GEC and Christian Flag Bearer Amanda Rose Unity
GEC and Rainbow Flag Bearer Virginia Miller Camellia
GEC and Lecturer Margaret Jean Tice Humboldt
GEC and Dean of the Grand Cross of Color Chelsea Goossens Infinity
GEC and Historian Christina Czerny Green Valley
. . .
Pot of Gold Staff . .
Grand Editor Jennifer Skinner Chico
Assistant Grand Editor Kelli Kempf Natoma
Grand Circulation Manager Amy Perez Napa
. . .
Grand Representatives . .
Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina Stephanie Booth Camellia
Alaska and Hawaii Heather McFaden Lemon Grove
Arizona and New Mexico Alexandra Malmberg Diablo Valley
Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi Kira Davis Natoma
Australia / Orient Pacific see Washington/Idaho .
Canada, New Hampshire and Vermont Virginia Miller Camellia
Colorado and Nevada Ashley Culbert Quincy
Connecticut and Rhode Island Katie Schotz Novato
Aruba, Florida and Tennessee Amanda Rose Unity
Germany, Italy and Michigan Jessica Ingersoll-Dean Redwood City
Illinois and Wisconsin Brittani Chilson Myrtle
Indiana and Kentucky Juliann Renner Helen G. McCallum
Iowa Minnesota and Missouri Kimberly Bryan Sunshine
Kansas and Nebraska Michelle Roland Lemon Grove
Maine and Massachusetts Cortney Groth Livermore
Maryland and West Virginia Ashley Costa Manteca
Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota Laura Stevens Red Bluff
New Jersey and New York Robyn Stiles Woodland
Ohio and Pennsylvania Lauren Pinella Concord
Oklahoma and Texas Monica Trickett Chula Vista
Oregon and Brazil Amy Perez Napa
South Carolina and Virginia Christina Czerny Green Valley
Washington/Idaho/Australia/Orient Pacific Chelsea Taylor Petaluma